Imagine finding your Purpose in Life.

Imagine enjoying your work to the Fullest.

Imagine contributing to the growth of Mankind!

We are focused on understanding and grooming Talents who are Passionate about their Purpose in Life and the Positive Value of their Work, Expertise and Livelihood.

Imagine having the Best Workplace Design.

Imagine having a Workplace that mimics your Home.

Imagine loving your colleagues like Family.

We care about designing and creating the Best Workplace Environment and Appreciative Culture for Talents to flourish and grow.

Imagine being a more Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

Imagine being informed and equipped with Leadership Insights.

Imagine being more connected with Yourself and Others.

We curate and cultivate Emotional Intelligence to promote Self and Leadership growth and maturity.

Imagine Yourself being Happy.

Imagine Yourself being the Best that you can Be

Imagine Yourself being Passionate.

Ultimately, we are passionate about people and enabling them to live life with Avidity!

our aspirations

We are building a community and driving a movement, a movement that Celebrates Talents. And we want to build it with you!

At Avidity International, we believe that an engaged and appreciated talent is a productive one.  When leaders and community builders focus on creating the right conducive environment and culture, talents will shine.

So let us make them shine!

We want to help you kickstart this movement by offering you a series of engagement activities that is specially designed to uplift, appreciate and celebrate your people, your talents. We hope that with these ideas you’ll be able to hack your culture and begin to create a more vibrant experience for your people. And when you do use the ideas, it would truly delight us if you could firstly start posting it on social media with the main hashtag #CelebratingTalents and secondly use the specific hashtag listed on each of the ideas.

Together we can make this a worthwhile and meaningful movement, one that could change millions of lives positively. Let’s start Celebrating Our Talents!

our purpose

The movement calls for leaders and organisations to recognise the need to care for their talent’s welfare.

The movement encourages organisation to treat people as human first and not staff and employees; by asking how have you grown in this organisation instead of how much have you produced for this organisation.

The movement aims to design and create conducive corporate culture that encourages their people to be emotionally aware and sensitive, emotionally developed and emotionally intelligent.

Ultimately, the movement advocates the celebration of our biggest pride and passion, our talents.

The movement seeks to promote and encourage organisation to spur performance and productivity by first recognising and appreciating their talent for who they are and not for what they do.

become an advocate

Coming up with ways to celebrate talent at your workplace can be a full-time job.

By becoming our advocate (it’s FREE, by the way), you will receive:

  • A specialised calendar with weekly recommendation on ways you can
    celebrate talents at work!
  • A bi-weekly newsletter of ideas, insights and inspirations!
  • Case studies of other companies who have done it, so you can copy their
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